☪︎ I was born a true introvert.

Solitude is where my soul finds comfort and nature is home to my heart. I cherish small things in life, the ones that are simple…they seek no attention just simply “be”.

I live off quiet moments that connect hearts, that don’t loudly announce themselves but every now and then,

they quietly show up

…just to remind me how beautiful life is.

When I was young, life was anything but easy and beautiful.

I was ignorant and ego-driven, like anybody

…I just wanted to fit in,

I wanted to be loved and belong.

I was a little girl that didn’t understand “why”

so I assumed that ”it must be something wrong with “ME”…

I’m was not worthy of love and acceptance. Doubts, worthlessness, depression, insecurity flooded through me

…I was shattered.

My heart was numb and my soul became paralysed.

But life has its magic,

whenever I could pick myself up, I would be rewarded.

Like a rebirth with a better version of self.

The mind that has more capacity to understand,

to carry and to help other souls in need.

The new me that shines the light,

shows compassion and vulnerability

…with a message to other souls

that they too..., are the light.

All separations and struggles we face

...teach us how to see heaven on earth

and to not waste any more time looking elsewhere

but to "live" it.

"A child of nature" the artist

𖠁 Writing is my choice of communication as it allows my soul to speak truthfully.

𖠁 Protecting mother earth and her children is my life intention. By living mindfully; consuming sustainably and responsibly; spreading joy, love and knowledge; creating awareness and expanding consciousness.

𖠁 "My heart is my guiding light"...I am learning to live through the heart, to see with the heart and to love with the heart.

𖠁 A few words I use to guide my soul through streams of emotion and calm my ego…

☪︎ Everything happens for me, not to me.

☪︎ There is no such thing as right or wrong…only the mind that makes it so.

☪︎ Everybody is fighting their own battle. Be kind.

☪︎ Fear is in the future, Regret is in the past. Live the “now”.

☪︎ Breathe. Breathe. Breathe.

☪︎ I am exactly where I am supposed to be.

"I feel, Therefore I am"
some of what I love dearly...
⋘ Charles H. Perkhurst ⋙ “The heart has eyes which the brain knows nothing of.”
fine art photography portraiture &

Making photographs has a lot to do with how a photographer sees the world and who he/she is in the very moment. It is undeniable that a photograph is an imprint of the soul on either end of the lens.

Throughout the years, I have been so blessed with opportunities to witness so much love and priceless moments that fill my heart with joy and bring tears to my eyes. I see lives and connections through the lens. I see a part of myself through my work. It teaches me great lessons about where I was, who I am and what I have become...the lessons I am forever grateful for.

Based on my perception, perspective and values...I want to craft something that shows inner and outer beauty of whom is in front of the lens by giving them space to be free, to just be who they are.

Film photography is my art…it keeps my passion alive and sets my soul on fire. With a fine art approach, I let myself explore and take time. When composing each photograph I slow down and immerse into the moment, take time to feel, frame and capture. As an artist, it is a creative, fun and fulfilling way to create worthy, precious and timeless photographs for my clients.

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